Delphi Wireless Remote Control

Delphi Stereo Wireless Remote

The PP603988 wireless remote control for Delphi heavy-duty stereos works with all IR remote capable Delphi HD stereos. The controller itself is well built and should provide many years of use.

The remote will include two internal coin cell batteries. There is no battery compartment to be accessed by the user. These two batteries should also last a few years, but that depends on frequency of usage.

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How to Connect Bluetooth Mic to Delphi DEA500 Stereo

Installing a new Delphi stereo in your truck is pretty easy, but figuring out where to connect the bluetooth mic is enough to make a person crazy. Get it wrong and you risk damaging the stereo and mic. The BT mic connector looks like this

The wire on the mic is about 12-feet long. To begin installation you first must decide where is the best location for the mic based on your driving and posture habits. Continue reading “How to Connect Bluetooth Mic to Delphi DEA500 Stereo”

New Year Brings New Stereos for Semi’s

We are excited to tell you that Delphi has recently come out with some stunning new stereos. While some features like am/fm and CD are extremely common and never have justification for change or update, we do occasionally see innovative advancements in truck stereos here at

Not only do these newly released truck stereos have an appealing modern look, but they also offer features such as choice of back-light color, combined and integrated SiriusXM satellite radio tuner and Bluetooth for those who wish to hear phone calls over the truck sound system.

As always will include a free plug and play wire harness with the purchase of our Delphi and Panasonic stereos when necessary for installation.