SmartNav2.0 for Peterbilt

The SmartNav 2.0 Navigation system replaces the older SmartNav 1.0 system in any Peterbilt semi-truck.

SmartNav 2.0 Kit System for Peterbilt Semi Trucks This is the very same system available through your local Pete dealer just at a lower cost to you. Each kit is specific to the truck model and features so choose carefully. Installation of the new system is pretty straight forward. Start by removing the old head-unit and touch screen. Remove obsolete wiring by unpluging the wires leading to the old head unit and monitor. Connect the new wiring included with the SmartNav 2.0 system and then connect the new equipment to the harness ends where appropriate. Most folks can do this installation in just a few hours. A certified tech should have this job done inside of an hour.

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